Neighbor 2 Neighbor

“Everyone has their own story to tell within their home,” says design consultant Peri Perry. It is Peri’s mission to help you tell that story through interior design that is elegant, eclectic, vibrant and uniquely you. Whether staging your home for sale, getting ready for a baby, creating a new color palette, or just looking to refresh a room or two, Peri will transform your space into one that is alive with personality and functions at its highest level. “I’m there to create an environment that is organized and calming.”

The first step in redecorating is dealing with what you already have. Peri can help you dig into your overflowing closets, edit your clutter, curate your collections and showcase the things you love.

Of course, you may need to buy a few key pieces. Peri avoids stores with big markups and instead hunts for bargains at flea markets or draws from her extensive connections with local artisans to have pieces custom made. Peri has a fantastic eye and often leads clients to make bold choices that they love, but might not have considered on their own. “I want to give my clients everything they want and more than they expect,” Peri affirms.

Be creative in sourcing furnishings. In the LA area we have access to incredible flea markets like the Rose Bowl and the Long Beach Antique Market, as well as a wealth of local craftspeople and retailers. —Peri

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