Peri Perry Production's organizing services can help create a new sense of beginning and identity to your life and space. With a compassionate point of view for the ultimate organization of your environment, accomplishing a simplified and high-functioning surrounding will help relieve stress and increase overall productivity. 

Neighbor2Neighbor Reviews:


Nellie Reed, Studio City

Peri helped me to organize my home in preparation for the birth of my twins. After a very stressful move, she helped unpack and give ideas for space and decorating. The quality of her work was outstanding. She collaborated with me on the job. We would meet at the fabric or furniture store so we could pick things together. She was ALWAYS conscientious of budget. She introduced me to resources I never knew existed in order to save money.

Lauren Reichenberg, Los Feliz/Silverlake

I'm a real estate agent and I've used Peri, not only to stage properties but also to fully organize my own house top to bottom. She's the best. Her eye for detail is CRAZY. Her style is really good and it adds value. As far as organization goes, she's meticulous and fast. She does everything. I sometimes know what will help sell a place, or have a favorite room, and she can make it look just right. Her pricing is affordable, and what she delivers is better than any high end priced designer. I always recommend her to other agents because I know she's 100% reliable and I trust that when I refer her, everyone will be happy.

Lauren L., Sherman Oaks

Peri helped me completely reorganize my house. She had several really genius design ideas. She solves problems quickly and with smart solutions. As an example of one amazing thing she did, I had just moved into my new house and the guest bathroom door was made out of glass. I was freaking out because I was about to host a big Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn’t come up with a classy and stylish solution to a transparent bathroom door. She’s really well connected and had someone make me a beautiful custom curtain right away. She hung it with silver grommets that had a hammered finish. She has great resources, and had it done in less than 36 hours. Several friends have complimented me on how the door looks, unprompted. Peri is so responsive. I’ve had several instances like that, where I’ve needed her to do something really fast. She always gets back to me right away. She understands the style that I want in my house. I’d say we definitely vibe well! 

R.V., Los Angeles

I have hired Peri to do both organizing and decorating. She helped me get ready for my second baby by organizing my entire house. When we recently moved she helped us pick out furniture and recommended vendors to help with our home updates. Peri is very detail-oriented. She is a stickler for quality. She once sent back a custom baby gate to the vendor and made him re-do it because it was not up to her standards. Depending on the job, sometimes we collaborate and sometimes it’s all her. She is great at text and email and is always on time. She also discussed budget and stuck to it. 

Audrey S., Venice

I am the managing director at A Window Between Worlds, an arts organization working with families dealing with domestic violence. I brought Peri in to help us with a system so that we could find supplies in our various rooms. She sorted, labeled and put everything on shelves. After she finished we suddenly became this organized and efficient place! We also have a two-car garage that was filled with donations from the community. She put in a great shelving unit and implemented a method so that as donations came in we had a way to sort them. She just has a way of very gracefully and quickly doing things, making the whole process seem effortless. 

I next hired her to help me personally when we moved homes. My husband and I have a wall of bookcases. She organized a system for the books and displayed our collectibles so they looked new again. Everything looks artistic, and she even made my husband’s reference books look attractive! Bookcases can look cluttered and overwhelming. When people come into the living room now, it is like, “ahhh” it feels soothing and relaxing. The room is so inviting, it looks like it should be in a magazine.

Peri is amazing. I mean just amazing. She has surprised me by doing more than I ever expected, and she gives you much more than what you pay for. She’s very articulate and quick to find a vision, putting things together in a new and refreshing way. It’s obvious she loves what she does and is highly gifted at it. I refer her to realtors and friends. She’s worth her weight in gold!